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Jason Martin: full time Bladezilla, sometimes blogger,  funny, once, in 2009. Loves commas and italics, long walks on the beach at sunset.

Jason was casually asked by Justin Doyle in 2008 if he would be interested in joining an ice hockey team. He argues that at the time no one could have predicted the decision could have gone so very wrong. “I’ve never played before – let me buy some gear.” Verbatim, he swears. Jason has been playing ever since, never missing a season with Bz and is currently 1 game behind Dewey Booth for all time games played (beating him if you count playoffs – Jason does) and a close second behind Will in franchise assists. If you were to describe Jason you would mention he is a middling skater who can find the back of the net on occasion but prefers to pass. Becuase of his assists and pass-first mentality he is sometimes called the “Kingmaker” on the blog. It has not stuck.

Looks legit when he isnt moving.

For the winter 2011-2012 season Jason designed the new Bz logo and jersey, which are as incredible as they were affordable. Cheap at twice the price! No one has ever suggested otherwise.


Random Stat: Jason’s best game as a Bz saw him tally 4 points – 2 goals and 2 assists, his second goal coming on a short handed breakaway.


Jason was voted assistant captain in 2011 much to Sean’s disbelief and probable disgust. “I would ask for a “C” if I didn’t have issues remembering that far into the alphabet.” Said a weeping Ruczko. “This is all Alex’s fault.”

You can almost pretend he is backchecking.

Part of the Bladezilla HC Awards Comittee, Jason (for the first 3 years with Joleen Badger) has helped decide award winners at the end of each season, presented at the Bladezillas HC Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner. This may be why he has won 2 trophies though he will point to “numbers” and “statistics” to rationalize his hardware.

Joined Bladezillas:Winter 2008-2009 (Founding Member)




Best season: 2010-2011, 6 goals 16 assists for 22 points in 31 games


Winter 2011-2012    – Most Gentlemanly Player Spring 2010 – Art Ross Trophy (tied with Dewey Booth) Spring 2010  – Most gentlemanly Player
Spring 2009-2010*  – Most Improved Player
*It happened! Cannot find proof. Prove the blog wrong, why dontcha?


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